Welcome to the home of Philly Kickball League

About PKL
PKL has been around since 2006. We do not take ourselves too seriously, and we are the most enjoyable league in Philly. If that is not enough to peak your interest, I am not sure what else I can do for you.

Have questions? Just email phillykickball@gmail.com.

League Details:

  • Games are typically played on Sundays between 3 and 6 p.m. We are trying to move up game times to accommodate for late NFL games (tough to do, though).
  • Right now we play 6 innings, but that rule could change pending a captain’s meeting
  • We use an 8.5″ Mikasa Kickball
  • 10 players are allowed on the field (4 must be women)
  • During the regular season, if a team only has 3 women, they can play 9 players in the field and take 1 out for the 4th female every time through the lineup at bat.

Find us on Facebook or connect with @PhillyKickball on Twitter to stay up to date!